Transforming how businesses communicate with customers

Chatbox® is a platform for digital messaging and collaboration between businesses and their customers over text, live chat, social and email

Chatbox Interactives

Real-time structured data changes the game for service, sales, and marketing.

  • Exchange real-time, structured data like forms, photos, checklists, wizards, e-signatures, and documents.

  • Build and deploy Interactives quickly and easily to address your most common customer sales and support challenges with no programming or engineering effort involved.

  • Instantly sync data back to the CRM and customer records.

  • Integrated seamlessly with the tools you already use: Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, and more integrations coming soon.
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Real-Time Sync
Customer and agent view are synced in real-time -- better than co-browsing!
CRM Integrations
Data from Interactives imported and exported to your database and CRM
Audit Trail
Millisecond audit trail recorded -- click (i) in upper right corner of agent view
Easy Integration
Put Chatbox Interactive Buttons into any tool or workflow with just a few lines of code
Super simple to create new Interactives with no programming

Chatbox Interactives for Salesforce

Now available in the Salesforce AppExchange

Launched at Dreamforce 2016

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Lightning and Classic Compatible

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